5 ways to love tech without killing the planet

If you have a gadget that has truly reached the end of its life, it’s okay to get it out of your home. But don’t just drop an old device in a trash can. Many devices are packed with components containing rare metals that are difficult to reclaim once they’ve made their way to the landfill. They may have chemicals in them that can leach into the earth and pose health or fire dangers.

Instead you can try selling your old device on a site like eBay or Gazelle. If you’re upgrading to a newer version, most companies will offer a trade-in option that comes with a slight discount.

If it’s unusable, unfixable and unwanted by anyone else, you can responsibly recycle electronics. Some cities offer official electronics recycling as a service, and often the original manufacturer will take it back to use for parts. Best Buy stores will recycle up to three electronics a day per household. The electronics chain also offers mail-in and pickup options. Alternatively, you can take them to the nearest Goodwill, which does electronics recycling.

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